Sunday, April 21, 2013

& the winner is...


Please email me so I can send you your copy (lilly at lilly piri dot com) :)

Thank you everyone who entered, and left a nice comment. I truly wish I could send each one of you a copy!

Here are some photos from my instagram feed, too (@lillypiri)

Page from my new accordion sketchbook:

I live painted for the One Way Street Festival, in Surfers Paradise:

I'll try make a post about these, soon. I'm actually working on a very exciting project at the moment, and then in 17 days or so, I'm going to Germany for a wedding, to see family, friends, and a bit of travelling. Lots to look forward to. I  also have ideas about making a new series of still life/landscapes while I'm over there, spurred on a bit by my painting 60 days in a row last year. We'll see!


Nathalie said...

If you pass by the Harz mountains I`d like to have an autograph from you. ;)

Sarah said...

Oh yay! Me? I'm sending an email now. Thank you for holding such a wonderful giveaway!

Sarah said...

P.S. That painting for One Way Street Festival is superb!